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The goal: entrepreneurial independence by increasing value and building resilience.

No two corporate restructuring projects are the same, and none proceed without a team effort, unforeseen challenges and short-term conflicts. So having a clear roadmap with a focus on tried and tested methods is all the more important, as is a team of consultants who know exactly what needs to be done, at what point and in what manner to ensure a smooth and ultimately successful transformation process.

In addition to integrated planning and operational requirements, our Value Integration team has two overarching goals in mind: quickly restoring the company to profitability (and thus independence), and empowering employees to ensure enhanced performance in the long term (thus embedding profitable habits). Or to put it more simply: integrating continuous value enhancement and continuous resilience building. Test us!


Auxil Value Integration to the power of four: integrated analysis & implementation concepts for successful value-based restructuring.

Integrated analysis and implementation concepts for corporate independence

Integrated analysis and implementation concepts for corporate independence

Integrated analysis and implementation concepts for corporate independence Derived from the Value Integration consulting and implementation approach, ai (Auxil implementation) represents our integrated analysis and implementation concept. The central idea here is that value-based corporate potential should be understood, identified and enhanced in an integrated manner.

Consequently, our experts from the ai competence centre are primarily concerned with continuously improving our analysis methods and implementation system. This is based on our documented practical experience, which is analysed from a value enhancement and resilience perspective and examined for its potential added value for our a+ restructuring concepts (see below). Potential added value can be found either as part of our structural and organisational analysis and/or through the specifics of the corporate culture.

Integrated a+ restructuring concepts and reports with
TTT vault logic

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Integrated a+ restructuring concepts and reports with TTT vault logic

Restructuring reports that comply with IDW S6 (standard issued by the German Institute of Auditors) and BGH (German Federal Court of Justice) case law are good, a+ restructuring concepts with integrated TTT vault logic are better. Why? Because these expand restructuring targets, projects and sets of measures that are recognised as absolutely essential, as well as extending implementation periods to include responsibilities and targeted interventions depending on the particular context and requirements.

Or to put it more simply: the focus is on blended client and consultant teams with clearly assigned roles and responsibilities! These are labelled: trainers, taskmasters, terriers.

Taking into account the three dimensions of a successful transformation — company, strategy, people — the topics to be addressed are jointly identified and demanded, with skills and, above all, responsibilities assigned accordingly. The benefit: just like an individual code for a safe, the necessary interventions can be calibrated for specific customers and tasks. Why? Because the identification process and subsequent action works on a role-specific basis.

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All of this serves to improve our analysis and implementation concepts and our customised service in terms of accuracy of fit, effectiveness, speed and sustainability. However, the basis of our consulting and implementation work continues to be our adept handling of fundamental restructuring factors, as illustrated by our a+ Impact hexagon.





The starting point of any restructuring is the analysis of the current state of your company. The development of the last years shows in which areas the expected potentials have not been reached and where procedural and organizational approaches for improvement can be found in your company. How has the market position developed? Have you changed the price and cost structures? What measures have you taken so far to counteract this? Is the internal organizational structure geared to market requirements? Is the company concentrating on its core competencies? Do internal interfaces between the divisions work? An objective assessment of your company's initial situation enables us to create a suitable starting point for further measures to increase earnings.



Based on the analysis, we establish a project and target structure for the following operational restructuring phase together and in coordination with you. Together with you, we define the content, scope, and priorities for further communication with the relevant stakeholders. In this way, we help you to remain actively at the helm and to make the information available to the appropriate target groups in a targeted manner. We need to provide all stakeholders with an equally transparent presentation of the progress of the measures in the ongoing restructuring process. The benevolent support of all stakeholders consolidates the success of the restructuring and thus contributes to the long-term success of your company.



A vision or a stable growth and profit target places high demands on the various business units. It is, therefore, particularly relevant to break down overriding earnings targets into comprehensible, individual goals, and measures that are related to specific areas and fields. Only in this way can the respective responsible persons fulfill their tasks and achieve the set goals. In our projects, we work directly with the responsible persons from your company on-site and orientate ourselves in the implementation of the measures on the jointly set milestones for achieving the goals. This close involvement ensures that your employees are continuously supported in the optimization of processes and are carefully and actively involved in the restructuring of your company. The joint work and collective success in the implementation of restructuring measures create trust in the workforce and strengthen the leadership competence of the management.



The success of the implementation of operational measures is tracked by regular reporting and ongoing controlling. Our standardized and digital project management systems provide you with an overview of the current activities of the restructuring process and the impact of the measures on your company's earnings and liquidity at all times. Potential delays in the implementation of standards can also be actively avoided during the restructuring period. The aim is to regain the profitability of your company and to set up an early warning system so that you can intervene in individual company processes even earlier and with foresight in the future.Furthermore, the established reporting structures allow the identification of future strategic challenges. If you want everything to remain as it is, then actively manage your success of tomorrow with us today.

Future agenda for
structural transformation

Future agenda for structural transformation

Seven implementation criteria and targets relevant to results and success are one thing, trade secrets are another. At this point, let us just say that our structural transformation agenda has one key focus: ensuring the consultancy support provided (i.e. by us) comes to an end as quickly as possible.

Some might say this is crazy; we call it empowerment and an internalisation of value-based work. Stages along this admittedly challenging path include the topics of ESG-compliance and profitable sustainability in the business model and processes, not to mention enabling and then expanding a suitable digital infrastructure. Interested??

Let's talk about it.

Role concept for
cultural transformation

Role concept for cultural transformation

Our social existence relies on assigning roles and having people to take on those responsibilities. Whether you're the head of the family, a teacher, football coach or line manager, different roles and the associated expectations provide structure, and make life (and work) easier.

In business environments, the aim is to ensure optimal integration of qualifications, function and position. Our experience in day-to-day restructuring shows that three such role models in particular are required in order to manage the change process as effectively as possible. In technical terms, we refer to these as subject matter experts, project managers and multi-project managers. From a motivational psychology perspective, these are pioneers, enablers and “persisters”. We call them: trainers, taskmasters, terriers. Their most important skills are a solution-focused approach, social competence, and expertise in moderation, communication and assertiveness. In other words, hands-on managers, role models, go-getters. Interested? We would be happy to give you a personal introduction to our TTT roles concept. Let us know your preferred dates here >


Restructuring reports

Of course if you prefer a streamlined rather than integrated understanding and application of our services, that is entirely possible too. The fundamental principles of our a+ restructuring concepts are built around the IDW S6 standard and comply with judicial decisions at the highest level (BGH: German Federal Court of Justice). We always pursue a holistic approach in order to strengthen and protect your company’s long-term competitiveness and profitability.

Interim management

On request, we can also take on interim positions (CRO, CFO, COO) within the organisation, thus assuming direct responsibility for the success of your company.